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Happy Chickenzz

From the chef who brought you Saep Fire, welcome to Happy Chickenzz! 


Born in Luang Prabrang, Laos, Tony, at the age of five, moved with his family to Albuquerque. His mom, Souky, and his Laos culture have been the inspiration behind his one-of-a-kind flavors.  

Tony has a way of seeing the end product before even starting, so cooking comes second nature to him. He is his own recipe book; a recipe book that has been in development since he was a teenager. 


At 15 years old, Tony got his first job at a friends restaurant. He was hired to be the cashier, but little did he know, Mr. Sith (think Mr. Miagi) would be a task master. Tony only heard "wax on, wax off" from Mr. Sith. In addition to working the cash register, he spent endless hours chopping vegetables, prepping a variety of meats, and making several different marinades. At the time, he didn't know how important these lessons would be to his future. Once he began cooking for himself, he realized what a precious gift he was given.  Mr. Sith had showed Tony a passion that lied inside him. Since then, the passion he felt and the skills he learned have been the building blocks to his dishes.


In 2016, after 13 years with Frito-Lay, Tony made a brave decision to take his cooking to the next level. He wanted to share his passion with a bigger audience. He now proudly owns a 5-star food truck - Saep Fire! 


Having vacationed together to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Oahu, Tony and his wife, Dorean, found a love for specialty chicken restaurants. With his passion for cooking, he knew he wanted to use it to run his own chicken house - one with a unique flavor. 


Thank you mom, my wife and Mr. Sith! 


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